TIP Community Labs

TIP’s mission of creating a new approach to building and deploying telecom network infrastructure encourages the industry to adopt open and collaborative practices for developing new technologies.

As a community, we believe we can accelerate innovative telecom solutions from testing to deployment by utilizing an open, collaborative approach. TIP Community Labs help fuel this progress by providing a space for innovation.

TIP Community Labs are physical spaces that enable collaboration between member companies in a TIP project group to develop telecom infrastructure solutions. While the labs are dedicated to TIP projects and host TIP project teams, the space and basic equipment are sponsored by individual TIP member companies hosting the space.

What a TIP Community Lab Provides

With the labs, we aim to provide a welcoming environment for project groups to develop tech solutions tailored to address use cases defined by operators. TIP Community Labs enable rapid real-world pilots that we hope lead to the adoption of new solutions at scale.

A TIP Community Lab is a resource for TIP project groups and project Chairs, and is a tool and environment TIP project groups can leverage to accelerate their community-based collaboration. A TIP Community Lab can be used as collaboration space for a proof of concept (POC) or a reference implementation, or for other types of collaboration designed to address specific service provider use cases.

Community Lab Locations

Seoul, South Korea
Sponsored by SKT

Berlin, Germany
Sponsored by Deutsche Telekom

Menlo Park, California, USA
Sponsored by Facebook

Louisville, Colorado, USA
Sponsored by CableLabs

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sponsored by TIM Brazil

Manesar, India
Sponsored by Airtel

Adastral Park, Ipswich, UK
Sponsored by BT

The TIP Community Lab Philosophy

TIP Community Labs differs from other types of labs; they not only provide an open collaboration environment but also promote a certain collaborative culture within the environment, as defined by this philosophy:

  • Be Open – Promote a culture of conversation and communication. Be open to other’s perspective and allow healthy debates.
  • Hacker Mentality – Go beyond the status quo and creatively search for new solutions.
  • Fail Fast – Prototype quickly to test hypothesis and if failed, apply learning to the next iteration.
  • Blameless Failure – Assume positive intent from all participants and never attach blame to people. Allow engineers freedom to explore ideas and design options.

Creating a Community

The various TIP Community Labs are forming a community to share best practices, infrastructure blueprints, processes, forms, and experiences with each other. The learnings and experiences might also be shared outside the TIP Community Lab community, helping organizations and initiatives collaborating with TIP to establish spaces for open innovation on new technologies. 

Want to Learn More?

The best way to learn about TIP Community Labs is to become a TIP and Project Group member. Contact Us for more information about membership. If you’re interested in sponsoring a TIP Community Lab, see the complete TIP Community Lab Criteria document.